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Any of my watchers got a Blackwoood stag I HAVEN'T RPd with before? 

No deviants said Looking for a stag to find Aytan stumbling about in Blackwood and escort him back to the herd to meet his punishment.
No deviants said Need one stag for speaking parts, then a couple of others to mention as other escorts.


Baeric | Stag | Loner/Witch by MelonHeadGirl
Baeric | Stag | Loner/Witch

...guess who got a Blackwood!?!?!? :la: Meant Baeric, another grumpy-man ;)


(format based loosely on Ehetere's Fawnling info forms)

Name: Baeric
Meaning: Derivation of 'Baer', meaning 'Bright'.
Pronunciation: Bare-ick
Nicknames: Baeric, 'The Bear' occasionally.
Gender: Stag
Breed: Fawnling
Height: 14hh
Age: 25 (Born early Spring of Year 735)
Colour: Black Restricted Fawn
Genotype: Ee/aa/fwfw/nRx [design sheet]
Markings: Chest and stomach are a little lighter than rest of coat. White patches on tail-base, belly, chest, nose and around eyes.
Eye colour: Dark brown.
Build: Medium
Appearance: He's a big stag, though his muscle-mass is more built for speed and agility than brute strength. He's skinny as a result of his magic and failed attempts at herb lore, and his ribs are clearly visibly, especially in Spring or Summer when he doesn't have the hormones of Rut to beef him up. He's got plenty of scars from foes he failed to possess, though has some more serious ones along his shoulders/chest, and a couple on his ribs. The ice bear managed to catch him round the head with a paw, leaving him partially-blind and partially-deaf on his right side, and as such that eye is slightly more milky than his left.
Mane/Tail: Mane and tail are thin, straggly and tend to fall out whenever he's especially stressed/active with his magic.
Trinkets/Decorations: Large ice bear pelt
Parentage: Unknown Blackwood.
Bloodlines: Blackwood.
Personality: Baeric is a sick, twisted soul. His obsessive use and practice with his magic has sent him half-mad, and while most of the time he appears normal -- where to the untrained eye he could simply appear to be a foul-tempered recluse -- he does sometimes have violent, paranoid outbursts -- where he perceives every living thing as a threat to him and is more than likely to try to kill you on sight. He's got a keen sadistic streak, and will often possess animals just to watch them hurt themselves.

Immensely sarcastic and with a dry, dark sense of humour, Baeric's not very good at making friends, and if he does find himself in a conversation with someone he will talk as little as possible until the conversation ends. He's very concious that his lapses make him prone to attacking anything around him, so he tends to avoid other fawnlings simply to ensure that he doesn't harm them, though in the process he isolates himself from others.

He doesn't get on well with anybody since he can never bring himself to truly trust them, and he barely even interacts his closest acquaintances (if you could even class them as that, they're merely fawnlings he'll let through his territory without kicking up a fuss and will occasionally talk to briefly). Underneath his fiercely stormy exterior is an equally stony and un-giving heart, so he's not one to give favours or show mercy if it's not absolutely necessary. His only true companion is a female raven that he treats more like a curse than a friend, who watches him silently from trees, though he never hears her make a sound, or sees her come or go -- Baeric's never been able to possess the bird, and so tries to ignore her, though her presence more often than not leads to a mental lapse, so the bird has become something of an ill-omen for him.

His magic is his greatest skill, and the thing he is most proud of himself for. His skills with possession are something he practices daily, inhabiting and controlling anything and everything from a fieldmouse to a wolf or even a full-grown fawnling. Rather grotesquely, he has a habit of burying the corpses of the beasts he kills (more often than not making them dig their own graves) then returning later to dig up the skulls and add them to his collection -- quite a few hollow trees around his territory are filled with various skulls and bone fragments. The strain of fighting the ice bear means he's never attempted to control anything so big since, though he wears the victory as a badge of pride, even if he is the only one who knows of his success. He's also keen to improve his herb-lore skills, though without a teacher his explorations are more experimental than successful, and he's nearly killed himself more times than he can count by eating the wrong berry or leaf.
Discipline/Use: Western Isles RP.
Aqauintances/Companions: None.
History:  Born to a sire and dam who had long been struggling to conceive a fawn, Baeric was far from the perfect son. Grouchy and insatiably-curious, his parents had half the herd in uproar trying to find him more often than he stayed by his mother's side. Thankfully his mother managed to get him to stay by her side by the time he discovered his magical abilities - something he told his mother by way of sending a mouse scampering up her tail and scaring her half to death. After that his curiosity vanished, and the only reason he would leave his mother's side - something far easier now thanks to the arrival of a younger brother - was to practice his new-found magic. His sire attempted to find him a tutor, but Baeric couldn't get on with any of them and in the end ended up practising alone. His magic began to affect his sanity from an early age, and by the time he turned eight his lapses were so severe that he was concerned for the safety of those around him, and so left to live alone. Around this time the raven first appeared, though he thought her simply curious and ignored her as best he could. Later he realised that his magic didn't work on the bird, and so feared her instead, considering her a servant of Uir sent to watch him, and so her presence was a great contribution to his dwindling sanity. 

Jumping forwards a good few years, Baeric was much more skilled at his magic -- which had already begun to eat away at his sanity --  and had become almost obsessed with the idea of trying to possess a fully-grown ice bear that he had heard so many rumours about. His trip through Blackwood to the mountains took a season, and seeking out and tracking a bear another. Though he had found a target, he made the grave mistake of picking a female with newly-born cubs without realising, and so the bear's resistance to his magic was much stronger than he had anticipated. After focusing himself though, he gained enough control to send the bear tumbling down the mountain and over a cliff-edge, then pitted her cubs against one another for good measure while the raven watched on from a perch above the scene. The fight had essentially magically crippled him though, and after taking the bear's fur as a trophy he fled back to his home to recover.

Since then he's gotten a lot more paranoid, a lot more defensive, and a lot more powerful, though now he sticks to his own territory and only possesses creatures he knows he can handle. His list of victims has grown considerably since the bear incident -- such strain on his powers meant his mental state weakened considerably -- with multiple fawnlings being added to the death toll as well. The raven still stays with him, watching silently from her perch.

Role Play:

Affiliation: Blackwood
Role: Loner/witch
Mate: None.
Relationships: None.

Skill Points

Speed: 2 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 15 points max)
Stamina: 4 [Basic Level]
Strength: 4 [Basic Level]

Magic: 11 [Medium Level]
Herbs: 0 [Basic Level]

Experience: 0


+2 speed - base bonus
+4 stamina - base bonus
+4 strength - base bonus
+11 magic - starter bonus

Magic/Herb Lore/Fight Stat Images:


RP Images:


Timeline Images:

* - indicates that he only features in the story, the events are not from his perspective.


Art, characters (C) me


Any of my watchers got a Blackwoood stag I HAVEN'T RPd with before?
No deviants said Looking for a stag to find Aytan stumbling about in Blackwood and escort him back to the herd to meet his punishment.
No deviants said Need one stag for speaking parts, then a couple of others to mention as other escorts.

Fawnling Plots -- Blackwood Stag wanted for Rut!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 6, 2013, 5:45 PM

Hiya!! I'm looking for a Blackwood Stag to breed to this Rut, if anyone has any available.... looking for a nice (or as nice as they can be from Blackwood) stag, so no-one aggressive who might hurt/upset the doe. I think younger stags might fit better, maybe a Shaman/herbalist, but they're not absolutely necessary :)

Please comment below if you have one!!!


Thalia | Doe | Herdmember by MelonHeadGirl
DA stamp - Roleplays 002 by tppgraphics

The Need-To-Know Basics for Potential RP-ers:

  • Lia is incredibly timid - she probably won't be the one to start a conversation - and skittish - the slightest bit of confrontation or anger will send her running! Her tail will swing when she is anxious - the faster/larger the swing, the more anxious she is!
  • She is rarely seen without Acka, her male Eurasian Magpie friend. He has no unique markings or charms, he is simply a regular magpie.
  • Due to her mother's absence she will be immediately attracted to any Fawnling who seems willing to take care of her, especially motherly does. Stags scare her a little, and youngsters make her anxious.
  • She loves nature and animals, so will be more comfortable around those who share this love. In the same way she'll be more comfortable with those who are doing the same as her - collecting herbs.
  • She has a terrible sense of direction in places she has never visited before, but once she is more familiar with the area she knows exactly where to find things. However, this does mean that if she took a long route by accident before, she is unlikely to pick a different path should she return to that area.

Current Location:

To know where she is currently, check the 'Timeline' section of her profile and read/view the most recent RP. Chances are she is still in that area, and I will most likely detail her immediate plans in the artist's comments.


Aytan | Stag | Vice Captain/Guard Advisor by MelonHeadGirl
DA stamp - Roleplays 002 by tppgraphics

The Need-To-Know Basics for Potential RP-ers:

  • Aytan is big. Like, intimidatingly big. I don't expect Fawnlings to run up to him with no apprehension whatsoever, unless they are similarly built, or taller.
  • He isn't known for his skills with the does. His flirting skills are basically nil, as he was more focused on becoming a good Royal Guard, rather than a lady's stag.
  •  He's very focused on his work as a Royal Guard - taking a break for longer than a few days feels alien to him, so he can't be expected to be a 24/7 father for any foals he sires.
  • He's a loyal and brave stag - if you offend Glenmore and their ways, he will not be impressed (and believe me, you don't want him angry at you, unless you're a) a good fighter or b) a fast runner.)
  • He's not immensely trusting of strangers. This is something drilled into him from his Royal Guard training - if he doesn't know your face, he will be wary around you. That being said, he has an exceptionally good memory, so if he's seen you causing trouble before, don't expect to have a particularly easy time of persuading him you mean well.
  • He gets exceptionally lonely on his patrols. He prefers to have a friend or acquaintance to pass the time with.
  • He currently is guardian of Elysia (see below), and so will be extra tense/jumpy around strangers/those he doesn't trust. That being said he isn't patrolling borders anymore, so it's unlikely he'll meet any raiders.

Current Location:

Guard duties in Glenmore. 


Flynt | Colt Fawn | Herd member by MelonHeadGirl
DA stamp - Roleplays 002 by tppgraphics

The Need-to-Know Basics for Potential RP-ers:

  • Flynt is still young, and as a result is sticking close to his mother. Any RP would most likely have to involve his mother as well, unless your fawnling can catch him when he's wandered off.
  • His fire magic isn't manifesting just yet, he's too young and inexperienced. Besides the odd unintentional fiery sneeze, you won't see much magic from him.
  • He's quite wary of other fawns, but other adults are tolerable.

Current Location:

Wandering around Silverthorne territory with his mother.


Elysia | Filly fawn | Herdmember by MelonHeadGirl
DA stamp - Roleplays 002 by tppgraphics

The Need-To-Know Basics for Potential RP-ers:

  • She is immensely shy. I mean, ridiculously. She's unlikely to even speak around strangers, unless Aytan shows complete unwavering trust in them first.
  • She is only available for RP with Aytan, unless I specifically ask otherwise. Between Aytan's over-protectiveness and Elysia's shyness, it's unlikely your fawnling will be able to get her alone.
  • She's more of a listener than a talker.
  • She won't be able to travel far within RPs. Her asthma means she cannot run, or walk for long distances. Stationary plotlines or minimal movement only pleeeeaaase.
  • She's not that affiliated with the main Glenmore herd. She's seen them but still doesn't know of strict culture and social guidelines that she will have to follow in later life.
  • She knows nothing of Glenmore 'religion' at the moment, so will be confused at any mention of the deities.

Current Location:

Following Aytan around on his Guard duties.


Baeric | Stag | Loner/Witch by MelonHeadGirl

The Need-To-Know Basics for Potential RP-ers:

  • He is a massive grouchy-grumpy-misery-guts and will hardly ever be happy/positive around your character.
  • He is more likely to simply turn around and attack your character, then ask questions once they are suitably incapacitated. The only circumstance he might show a little mercy in is if your fawn is very young, very old, or perhaps a doe if they look quite vulnerable/weak -- he does have some semblance of a stone heart somewhere in that foul temper of his.
  • DO NOT ASK ABOUT THE BEAR PELT. He will most likely either run away or rage on your character.
  • He's not likely to give magic lessons unless a fawn shows particularly aptitude for it, and in that situation he'd probably try to take the fawn on as his apprentice and sort of not let them leave... he's a tad possessive like that.

Current Location:

Border between Blackwood and Silverthorne, wreaking general havoc and possessing everything in sight.

Summer, Year 760 of the New Age
Central Glenwood, Glenmore

"Papa?" A quiet voice asked from behind Aytan's back, and he turned his gaze from the Great Oak to find Elysia looking at him with concern in her eyes.

"What's wrong, Elsy?" He asked, brows furrowing as he turned to face her. His daughter rarely made the journey from their Glade to the Oak alone, so her presence, combined with the worry on her face, caught Aytan's attention.

"Oh, nothing," Elysia said with a soft smile. "Only I can't find Thalia... do you know where she is?"

Aytan sighed in relief, head dropping slightly. "You had me worried..." he said with a chuckle. "I assumed she'd be at the Glade with you... is she perhaps with Huisha, or maybe down by the river?"

The pale doe shook her head quickly. "No, Rosalie and the fawns are at the river and Huisha says he hasn't seen her for days. Can you think of anywhere else she might be?"

"Hm," Aytan said quietly, glancing off into the trees as he tried to think of other places the dark doe might be. She rarely left the Glade, and even then was only to wash herself at the river or go for magic lessons with Huisha. He'd left the Glade that morning without speaking to her, and now he cursed himself for it. "Perhaps she went with Eldhara to learn some healing?"

Again, Elysia shook her head, her long mane swinging by her neck. "Eldhara's in the Glade, alone." It was clear that the young doe was also concerned for her adopted-sister, and Aytan nudged her nose gently.

"Don't worry, I'm sure she'll come back this evening."

*   *   *

The last of the evening light was fading as Aytan made one last circuit around the Glade, waiting for Thalia to return. He'd seen or heard nothing of her all day, and Eldhara and Elysia were both beside themselves with worry - Thalia just wasn't one to run off without telling anyone, meaning that she'd either forgotten to tell someone, or something had happened to her.

"Where is she?!" Elysia bleated, her tail whipping from side-to-side - a habit she'd inherited from Thalia. "She's never left without telling anyone before!"

Aytan walked to her side and lay his head over her neck, pulling her tight in a reassuring embrace, though he was just as worried. "I'm sure she'll be back tomorrow..." he said quietly, to reassure himself more than anything else.

*   *   *

The next morning, the dark doe had still not made an appearance, though Aytan had forced Elysia to go for her daily lessons with Eldhara regardless, insisting that Thalia would be back by the time she returned. He'd performed his duties as Captain as quickly as he could, dashing back to the Glade whenever he could and asking all who had ever talked with Thalia if they had seen her, but to no avail. The doe had just vanished.

It was mid-afternoon when Elysia came bolting out of the trees, ears pinned against her neck. She slid to a halt beside him, her breath coming in ragged, wheezing gasps as she struggled to get air into her lungs. "We... we found....tracks....she's...she's been...she's been Blackwood!" She said between gasps for air, eyes wide and watering slightly. Behind her, Eldhara came cantering stiffly out of the trees, her age making her movements jerky and unsteady.

Aytan simply stared at his daughter for a moment. "What?!"

Elysia dragged in a ragged lungful of air and coughed loudly, trying to regulate her breathing. "We were over by the South Creek, and we found some hoofprints in the mud, with some bird-prints nearby and a magpie feather tucked between two rocks just next to the river. There were some other hoofprints with them as well, though they were bigger - a stag's! That must mean she's been kidnapped by a Raider and taken back to Blackwood, and Acka left the feather as a sign!"

Just then Eldhara came to a halt beside them and gave Elysia a warning look before dropping her head to catch her breath. "She ran before I could stop her," the old doe wheezed loudly, coughing once or twice before lifting her head to look Aytan in the eye. "We can't be sure it's her or not, it might just be a stag and doe out for a walk, and the feather could just be coincidence. Or perhaps some other fawnlings has a bird friend." She eyed the stag knowingly. "I know what you're thinking, Aytan. Do not do anything brash, your father would not hear of it."

"My father be damned," Aytan said harshly, his expression darkening. He glanced at his daughter, brows furrowed with concern at the soft wheezing noise she was making. "Can you take me back to the place you found the prints? Though walk this time, no running."

Elysia bobbed her head earnestly and took a step or two away, waiting for the Guard to follow after her. "This way," she called insistently.

"Stay here and watch over Rosalie," Aytan said to Eldhara, ducking his head to nose her cheek gently before he began to trot away, calling over his shoulder as he went: "I'll be back as soon as I can!"

*   *   *

"Here," Elysia said simply, stopping a good distance from the water and dropping her head to gesture at the indentations in the mud, still wheezing softly after the long walk. The prints had been made just after a rainstorm - the last of which had been a day or two ago - and had solidified as the ground had hardened, leaving perfect marks in the dirt. "And the bird-prints are here," she said, moving a step or two away and hovering a hoof over the spot.

Aytan looked at the hoofprints at his feet. They seemed the right size to be Thalia's, but every hoofprint in Glenmore was the same as the next in everything but size, and there were plenty of fawnlings around her size in Glenmore. They were of little help as a result. He turned to the bird prints. Definitely a bigger bird, they could have been from a magpie... though just as easily from a crow or raven. Separately the prints wouldn't have meant much, but so close together they meant something more....

"The stag prints are over here!" Elysia called to him before leaping nimbly over the creek, waiting for him on the opposite bank. Aytan's bulk meant that he couldn't copy her movements, and he instead had to wade through the water, shaking himself before going to peer at the hoofprints Elysia was stood next to.

Amid the roughness of the mud and several of the prints from the other bank were scattered the ones that Elysia thought belonged to a stag. They were bigger than the ones on the opposite bank, and easily twice as deep, revealing the fawnling who had left them was taller and heavier than the fawnling Elysia had assumed was Thalia. Thalia was a tall doe for Glenmore, and not the lightest build - the owner of these prints must've been closer to Aytan's height, and quite bulky in build, almost undoubtedly a stag.

"What do you think it means?" Elysia asked quietly, her huge eyes searching Aytan's for an answer.

The stag faltered for a moment, then smiled reassuringly, lifting his head up and chuckling. "Your concern is touching, Elsy," he said quietly, reaching out to nudge her neck. "But I'm sure it's nothing -- this is a main creek through the forest, there aren't any other rivers around here really, so this is bound to be a main drinking spot for fawnlings and birds alike. Plus it's right on a trail, so it'll get a lot of footfall." He smiled at her again, waiting for the pale doe to smile back. "It's nothing, she'll be off finding rare herbs and will just have forgotten to tell anyone where she's gone, that's all!" He was lying through his teeth, and if anyone but Elysia had been there they would have been able to tell, but the young doe was too trusting to doubt him for a second.

Elysia said nothing, her eyes narrowing slightly with suspicion fleetingly before her face lit up with a grin and she looked off into the trees, back towards the herd. "Of course she is," she said with a melodic giggle. "Sorry, I just got worried that the worst had happened! Forgive me for being so rash..." She ducked her head in apology and smiled shyly up at him, eyes asking for forgiveness.

"You have nothing to apologise for, Elsy, it's sweet you're so concerned for her," Aytan said quietly, bending down to lift her chin up with his nose. "Come though, Eldhara will be getting worried."

"Of course I'm concerned!" Elysia said as she leapt back over the creek. "She is my sister, after all."

*   *   *

The moon was high overhead when Aytan poked his head into the thicket to check on his family. Elysia's breathing had returned to normal after eating a herb Eldhara had found, though the younger doe had made sure to study the plant intently before eating it, so she could find it again at a later date. Aytan smiled down at the sleeping pair, watching their stomach's rise and fall with their slow breaths, before ducking out of the thicket again and turning to face South.

He'd thought over what he'd seen at the creek on their way back to the Glade, though Elysia had hardly seemed to notice how distracted he was as she bounded on ahead to investigate new plants. The doe had missed several other things at the creek -- the clump of dark hair caught in a bramble bush with a spring of lavender tangled up in it, the heavy scent of Blackwood in the air... Aytan had known from the moment he'd arrived with Elysia that her suspicions had been correct, though there was no point in worrying her needlessly, it made much more sense to leave quietly and let Eldhara explain -- the older doe would have realised the truth almost as quickly as he had, there was no doubt about that. Telling Elysia now would only lead to the young doe panicking and stubbornly refusing to let him go alone; better for him to face her wrath when he came back.

But now was not the time to think of what his family might think; Thalia had been taken to Blackwood, and Aytan had to go after her and bring her home safely. He knew Blackwood about as well as he knew the bottom of the ocean, but the journey was necessary if he ever wanted to see his daughter again. Could he even call her that? She was of no true relation to him really, but she was certainly as precious to him as any blood daughter would be. And now she was in Blackwood, held captive by some evil stag who no doubt had endless malicious things planned for her. At least it was Spring -- he had no reason to force himself on her yet. Still, she would be terrified alone in those dark trees... Aytan's only consolation was that she might find Hagen, or perhaps even Skoll, who might help her and keep her safe until he could find her and bring her home.

That was only if she found help.

Suddenly Aytan was cantering through the trees, weaving and swerving between the familiar trunks as he settled into an even rhythm and thundered South. The forest around him was dark under the shadows of night, but Aytan knew that the woods got much darker just South of the border. His breath huffed out of his nose in clouds of steam that vanished almost as soon as they appeared in the cold air, and his hoofsteps were loud in the silence of the trees as he raced South, towards Blackwood.
A Missing Daughter

Featuring Aytan and Elysia and Eldhara (NPC).
Summer, Year 760 of the New Age
Central Glenwood, Glenmore

:evillaugh: As if I could leave my precious characters drama-less for so long! :evillaugh: Be prepared for a lot more drama, and some pretty nifty RPs coming verryyyy soon! :giggle:

Art, characters (C) me
Hagen/Skoll (C) DodgerMD



Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
British lass from the depths of Yorkshire who is a big fan of tea and sarcasm. I live for art, music and books - always up for a good suggestion if you have 'em.

Harpg 09 by Hymnsie

Long time no see!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 20, 2014, 11:56 AM


So as you may or may not have noticed I haven't been at all active on here recently... ^^; save for some fawnling RPs and the odd image I haven't been up to much either, to be quite honest :giggle:

I have a pretty interesting plot planned for Aytan and Thalia coming up so do look out for that coming at some point, but other than that there isn't much else planned. I've kinda lost a bit of interest in HA-RPG tbh, I barely interact with other users with my characters anymore so it feels very much like I'm in my own little art-bubble, whereas with Fawnlings I have little option but to chat and RP with others, which is great! So... I don't really know what I'm going to do... I might have a big sale of my HARPG horses and cut back to bare bones in terms of horses so I don't have as much pressure, but who knows!

IRL I've got university applications to sort out and Universities to visit and a portfolio to sort out - if anyone has any advice/tips please do let me know, I'm struggling a bit! So the amount of motivation/time I have to do online art is severely limited atm.

Hope you're all okay,


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