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Mossy Feathers
Featuring Vela and Atos
Spring, Year 766 of the New Age
Widow’s Hollow, Blackwood

Vela scanned the area. She had come out here looking for certain herbs. Another mission for her grandmother. Though Vela was starting to catch on that these were more tests than her actually needing the things.
She sighed, herbs were not her strong point. She had already memorized a couple of the ones she needed but she had a few others on the list that she only had names and brief descriptions of.
She stared at the different bushes and the ground, hoping to recognize a few. She had already found Foxglove, which was now stored on the pouch she had around her neck. She gave up on that and thought of the next thing on the list. Some sort of moss? For the life of her, she couldn't remember the name though she knew what it looked like.
The dark doe moved her search, continuing to look at the different rocks in the area for any sign of black lichen.
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Interrupted Flight by MelonHeadGirl Interrupted Flight :iconmelonheadgirl:MelonHeadGirl 11 2
Running with the Night
Spring, Year 768 of the New Age
Haven, Glenmore

The moon was slowly setting over Haven, the sky around it gradually lightening and casting the Valley in long, dark shadows. It had just turned Spring; life was slowly stirring after long Winter months of slumber, and most of the snow had melted from the mountaintops, filling the river to bursting. Though the pale fingers of dawn were stretching across the horizon, the herd was still asleep and the valley was silent, save for the quiet rustle of nocturnal creatures scuttling about in the trees. Aytan's family slumbered in the den the stag had made for them many years earlier, curled together in an attempt to stay warm, covered by blankets of dried moss and leaves.
The weeks since Aytan's death had left the family he had left behind in ruins. Ru spent many of his days alone, refusing to talk with anyone. Aspen knew her brother blamed himself for his death, but didn't know which words would sooth and which would c
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Mature content
No More Bedtime Stories :iconmelonheadgirl:MelonHeadGirl 14 31
The Worst Kind of Truth
Late Winter, Year 767 of the New Age
Glenmore, Outside Haven

Ru had realised too late that the Glenmore’s antlers were about to connect with his head, and barely had chance to pull his head back slightly, deflecting the worst of the impact to his cheek rather than his neck and skull. The blow still sent him flying, though, and he was unconscious before he hit the ground.
When he came to he knew something was wrong; he could see only out of his right eye, but only barely. His whole face was drenched in blood, but he barely had time to register it before a wave of pain washed through his body, centred around the cheek and eye that - unknown to him - had crumpled under the force of the blow.
A pale, angelic figure was at his side almost immediately, tears streaming down her pretty face. Esmae. Ru tried to comfort her, but his mouth refused to work, and all he could taste was blood. She urged him to his feet, half-dragging him by his mane in her desperation to move him
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Mature content
Oh Captain, my Captain :iconmelonheadgirl:MelonHeadGirl 11 48
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All my newest deviations!
    Hey everyone!

I am still alive and well; I'm in my last year of Uni now so the workload has really amped up, and so I don't have as much free time as I would like to get things done :noes: To those waiting on me for RPs/note replies: I'll get to you ASAP, just got other stuff to get done on here at the same time!

That being said, if anyone's looking for a cool show to enter, check out this one: Bioluminescence Show *extended* I'll be putting up an entry tonight :aww:

    Look after yourselves! See you sooooooooon :dummy:


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British lass from the depths of Yorkshire who is a big fan of tea and sarcasm. I live for art, music and books - always up for a good suggestion if you have 'em.

Harpg 09 by Hymnsie


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